Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Poem

This happened to me on Saturday.

UNTITLED (for now)

The coming and going of the moon
bright and soft in the coming
fire and haze in the going.

She crept out along the clean, fog of day
singing in opulent shades
of morning wind.
Bowling me over at a glance.

She took the long way ‘round
a rolling curve
to flee rivers of sunlight
and meet me in the crook of
stars and city lights.

In resonant burnt orange tones
she left me a path to sail upon
and I drifted back to her, singing

The coming and going of the moon
opal and allure in the coming
rapturous and obscure in the going.

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  1. Hi, Falling Up,

    Who are you? You left me a nice welcome home comment, but I can't tell who you are from your blog info.