Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 3: Rosamond

You hold my shakiest moments,
and I yours,
and we often take each other for granted,
though our hearts tell us otherwise.
It pains terribly me to see you suffer,
and so I know that you are more than a friend,
and we have woven ourselves into sisterhood.
My sincere wish for you is happiness beyond limit.
I wish to see you smile from the deepest reaches of your heart,
and extend to yourself the same boundless love
I have heard you say others deserve.
I wish that we stand with each other
despite the many faces we may put on in baring the seasons of this life.
And when the fruit of our bond is ripe,
I wish that we let go completely,
so that its divine sweetness may nourish others in their time.
Dearest friend, sister,
it is with the deepest sense of gratitude
that I walk beside you in this world.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 2: The Welcoming Neighbors

A lovely little haven lives right next door to me.
Through the gate: poppies, basil, living green,
chicken clucks, shade, running water.
Where friends invite you for dinner,
for conversation, for treats from the garden,
for sweets from the oven.
These friends send the soothing lull
of harp tones, send encouraging words to your ears,
lend shovels, soil, wheel barrows, bike parts
to help you on your way.
So alive with color and warmth,
it's a pleasure to think on
the little haven that lives next door to me,
and an honor to know its keepers,
who hold such a sweet space in this world.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Gratitude Challenge Accepted!

I had a lovely meeting with a friend last night. Somewhere in our conversation, he encouraged me to challenge my powers of gratitude, by writing a daily poem to some object, person, place or experience I feel grateful for.

Sitting out on my stoop this morning brought on a wave of happy to be alive feelings, and a reminder of the conversation. So now, one poem later, I am setting the intention to take on the gratitude poem challenge, and write one poem of gratitude every day for a week. Once at the end of the week, I will reevaluate, and see if I can extend the challenge for full month.

Day 1:

Ode to Marigold

Bud after bud, bloom after bloom,
you're a vibrant little splash in the garden.
It's as though all of autumn's color
dove into your delicate petals,
to rinse the eyes in a raucous spectrum;
a delicious draught
of golden, orange, scarlet, yellow delirium.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Here on the Mountain

I've written my first "real" song on the banjo. Here are the lyrics...

A million hands are clasped
Along the mountainside
To withstand the echoing blast
And bellows from the sky
Trembling, aching, slow
One hand lets go
Pressed against my heart
A hand that quakes and starts

Here on the mountain
The spring flows
The clouds roll
Here on the mountain
I’ve left my heart
Here on the mountain
the lake’s clear
the heat sears
Here on the mountain
I’ll find my heart

I follow her up the crest
The million watch our steps
That carry us to the lake
She plunges to its depths
I wade out behind
And sink into the pool
The hand that held my heart
Finds me trembling too

Repeat Chorus

The clouds clear from the sky
Sun pours into the lake
Into the little one and I
Urging us to wake

Repeat Chorus

Here on the mountain
I’ll find her
and hold her
Here on the mountain
My little one
Here on the mountain
Lake water clear
Sun’s heat sears
Here on the mountain
I’ve found my heart