Friday, November 11, 2011

Being in Transformation

My dream last night had beings in it that, for all intents and purposes, were human. They looked human, they lived human lives, and interacted as humans. But they had been through some kind of transformation that either set them apart from other humans, or made them somehow not human. I was contacted by a man and woman who had been through the transformation. They led my partner and me to a remote setting in the woods and were offering to perform a kind of ritual that would complete my transformation. My partner, as I learned, had been through the ritual already. The process had happened at night, in a small wooden yurt. As it was explained to me, I visualized a purplish, white light radiating from Andrew, and hearing a poem recited. Apparently, in the moment of transformation, each person had their own poem that would evoke an intense emotional response and bring to light all the pain they had been blind to in their life. The way to transform was to stay with the pain, to hold it. The woman told me that my ritual was to take place the coming evening, but I woke up before it came about.

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