Monday, February 3, 2014

Gratitude. Months Later.

One teacher recommended simply saying gratitude to oneself and seeing what arises....

Safe home
stuck (can't think of anything)
a loving companion (handsome, gentle)
The cat, full of cuteness, curled up, warm and snug, loves it when the heater's on.
The miracle of electricity (somehow rushing water and wind bring light and heat to my living room, power this thing I'm typing on).


Socks, the hands that made them, packaged and shipped them. Hands in Mexico? China? India?
Every item in my cluttered living room touched by un-named hands.
Interdependence, somehow it all works.
A day to rest when ill, paid sick leave.
Stable work.
Supportive Family.

Making birthday cards for friends.
Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping late.

Remembering gratitude.

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