Friday, August 24, 2012

Gratitude Challenge Accepted!

I had a lovely meeting with a friend last night. Somewhere in our conversation, he encouraged me to challenge my powers of gratitude, by writing a daily poem to some object, person, place or experience I feel grateful for.

Sitting out on my stoop this morning brought on a wave of happy to be alive feelings, and a reminder of the conversation. So now, one poem later, I am setting the intention to take on the gratitude poem challenge, and write one poem of gratitude every day for a week. Once at the end of the week, I will reevaluate, and see if I can extend the challenge for full month.

Day 1:

Ode to Marigold

Bud after bud, bloom after bloom,
you're a vibrant little splash in the garden.
It's as though all of autumn's color
dove into your delicate petals,
to rinse the eyes in a raucous spectrum;
a delicious draught
of golden, orange, scarlet, yellow delirium.

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