Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 3: Rosamond

You hold my shakiest moments,
and I yours,
and we often take each other for granted,
though our hearts tell us otherwise.
It pains terribly me to see you suffer,
and so I know that you are more than a friend,
and we have woven ourselves into sisterhood.
My sincere wish for you is happiness beyond limit.
I wish to see you smile from the deepest reaches of your heart,
and extend to yourself the same boundless love
I have heard you say others deserve.
I wish that we stand with each other
despite the many faces we may put on in baring the seasons of this life.
And when the fruit of our bond is ripe,
I wish that we let go completely,
so that its divine sweetness may nourish others in their time.
Dearest friend, sister,
it is with the deepest sense of gratitude
that I walk beside you in this world.

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