Sunday, April 26, 2009

Everywhere to go

I’ll start with a poem by Gary Snyder…


I drove down the Freeway

And turned off at an exit

And went along a highway

Til it came to a sideroad

Til it turned to a dirt road

Full of bumps, and stopped.

But the trail got rough

And it faded away—

Out in the open, everywhere to go.


I’m looking for a mantra.

Last night I sat for thirteen minutes, asking myself over and over and over, “What am I afraid of?’

Funny thing. The answer that came up was… MY OWN THOUGHTS.

Whoa. Wow. This is HUGE. I have everywhere to go.

As I said, I’m looking for my mantra. I am hoping to plant a seed strong enough to grow up through all my old, weedy thinking patterns.

The search begins…

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