Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Poem Thing (by me!)

It happened while I was staring out the window last night...

Girl big-screen-tv windowed out

and by now neighboring 

Trees had 



Not knowing their proper names, she called them 

Dolly, Ginger and Thelma to go

with the turntable and rotary phone of her furnished

intern landscape.


When she was early rising, the four

of them watched 

Sun crawl down 


Windy days hurled them about.

She guessed at their whispering when 

Fog settled or 

Deer grazed nearby.


They all seemed to have a good laugh when

Wild Turkey gobbled past.


They had each felt a bit naked in the beginning.

Girl had averted her eyes on several

occasions—not wanting to seem a voyeur.


Leaves' filling-in and swaying and the sound of 

Ocean had brought them into the same

rhythm. They could all breath a bit easier now.

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